National Column: No second chance

NDP gives its leader the boot, plunging the party into its most divisive debate in decades – and he’s likely just the first casualty

The fix was in for outgoing NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair before the convention that led to Sunday’s vote even opened. […]


National Column: Mulcair and the 70% solution

If New Democrats feel they wrongly moved to the centre during last year’s election campaign, they should resist a similar move to the messy middle at this weekend’s national convention.

On this, I am not talking about policy. I am talking about support for Thomas Mulcair, because numbers matter more than ever. […]


Column: NDP has a crisis at the top

As the New Democrats prepare to pronounce on Thomas Mulcair’s leadership, here is a prediction:

Regardless of how the NDP leader scores on a confidence vote Sunday, there will be little or no cause for celebration at the party’s gathering in Edmonton. […]