National Column: No second chance

NDP gives its leader the boot, plunging the party into its most divisive debate in decades – and he’s likely just the first casualty

The fix was in for outgoing NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair before the convention that led to Sunday’s vote even opened. […]


National Column: Mulcair and the 70% solution

If New Democrats feel they wrongly moved to the centre during last year’s election campaign, they should resist a similar move to the messy middle at this weekend’s national convention.

On this, I am not talking about policy. I am talking about support for Thomas Mulcair, because numbers matter more than ever. […]


Column: NDP has a crisis at the top

As the New Democrats prepare to pronounce on Thomas Mulcair’s leadership, here is a prediction:

Regardless of how the NDP leader scores on a confidence vote Sunday, there will be little or no cause for celebration at the party’s gathering in Edmonton. […]


National Column: ‘Fighter’ Mulcair’s pitch to the faithful

Thomas Mulcair went behind closed doors Saturday to plead for his job.

And he did it at the epicentre of last autumnís NDP carnage, downtown Toronto, speaking to party activists in the heart of the city where his New Democrats were wiped out in last autumnís federal election. […]