Letter to the Editor: Stolen Photo Radar Lawn Ornaments

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I would like to advise whoever is stealing our photo radar lawn ornaments and destroying them and throwing them into Sunshine Lake – PLEASE STOP! It is just a lawn ornament that we find cute.

Last night (June 23rd) sometime between midnight and 7:00 this morning Photo Radar Camera Number 3 was taken. Not just the lawn ornament was taken, but in order to take this lawn ornament, a saw had to be used to cut off a fair size spruce tree branch. Why, because we used aircraft cable and a lock to attach the unit to our spruce tree in order to try and prevent theft such the first two. I am somewhat shocked and disappointed that someone went to all the trouble of sawing off our tree branch and throwing the material into Sunshine Lake. We have found the pole, the chain, the aircraft cable, the lock and the sawed off tree branch but not the lawn ornament itself.

It only takes approximately one hour to build a new lawn ornament, but it has taken 20 years to grow that tree branch. To our friends and neighbours who have complimented on the lawn ornament, thank you and keep your eyes open for Photo Radar Camera No. 4.

Linda Lyons and Cliff Haryett

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  1. Cliff and Linda…So I wonder if the photo radar people could park near your home and wait to take a picture of the thieves or thief doing the nasty and send them a ticket???? Seems to me it maybe a better use of this resource… Catching criminals that is?? Just Thinking..

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