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Government changing condo rules – seeking public input

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(Last Updated On: Jun 29, 2018)

by Morinville News Staff

Albertans have until July 31 to provide feedback on new draft rules to improve condo living.

The draft regulations, which the government says support the Condominium Property Amendment Act, focus on improving transparency and condo governance, two measures the province says will improve condo living in the province.

An online survey runs until July 31. It covers the following proposed regulations:

Improvements to voting rules such as proxy votes, so more owners can participate in board meetings.

Notice and ways to attend general meetings.

Easier access to condo documents.

Stronger financial accountability of condo corporations.

More protections for condo owners’ investments.

Strengthening how reserve funds are managed.

Insurance requirements and rental deposits.

The survey can be found online.

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8 thoughts on “Government changing condo rules – seeking public input

    1. Not a lot of useful information in that article at all! No link to the survey or any direction to any website. But good to know things are in the works to make some changes.

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