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Editorial: Farewell, Madame Morinville

There were many highlights during Morinville’s centennial year, but a personal highlight for many was when Madame Raymonde Riopel raised her hands triumphantly after being presented with the community’s Legacy Award and said, “Viva le Morinville.” […]

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Editorial: The prime minister needs to wake up and get a haircut

The headline of this article is a statement this publication agrees with – far from it in fact. We think the prime minister’s hair is OK as it is. But it is one that we have published nonetheless because freedom of the press gives us the right to make provocative, controversial and even ill-informed statements – published opinions that can freely criticize our municipal, provincial and federal leaders for the actions or inactions they take without fear of execution, jail time or even reprisal. […]

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Editorial: Full disclosure

We have had an advertising contract with the Town of Morinville for five of our six years of publication. For the past three years that contract has become a matter of public record due to my role on Council, as it should.
That means that the contract, normally approved by Town Management, must receive Council approval, and that the owner of this publication must leave the room, taking no part in the discussion or vote. […]

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Letter: Political sign vandalism dumb and thoughtless exercise

As I write this letter I know this federal election will soon be over and either Mr. Harper or Mr. Trudeau will be our prime minister. But there will be a remnant of Mr. Mulcair’s campaign left behind as he takes third party status, and that is the dumb and thoughtless vandalized signs you see all over the place in Morinville and the county. […]


Letter: Morinville needs a Youth Council

I read with interest the editorial about the proposed Youth Council Bylaw. I think that if youth had more of a voice they would feel more welcome, accepted and valued by their Mayor and Council. If youth thought that their local government cared about their problems and concerns, they would be more inclined to take pride in their community. […]

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Editorial: In praise of our firefighters

An SUV collides with a moose on a highway outside Morinville. Within minutes they are there to get the collision victims out of the wrecked vehicles and en route to hospital. A condominium erupts in flames and shifts to a neighbouring garage. Within minutes they arrive to battle the blaze and to protect neighbouring homes from destruction. A meatloaf catches fire in the oven setting off the alarms. Within minutes they are there to douse the burned dinner and to reassure a shaken homeowner in the late afternoon. […]

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Editorial: Thank you for five years of support

I started MorinvilleNews.com five years ago when a local newspaper I was then freelancing for decided to suspend publication. Faced with the prospect of living in a community with only one regional news source and no paper with a true Morinville focus, I decided to offer one. Starting with the slogan “Get the news while it’s still news,” […]

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Editorial: We give them an A for effort

Three politicians walk into an election with varying degrees of preparation. The incumbent has the advantage of knowing when the election will be called. The other two know it will be called, think they know when it will be called, and then have to scramble when it is actually called. […]

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Editorial: Is a curfew the answer to stopping bad behaviour?

The recent rash of vandalism at St. Jean Baptist Church and other buildings in downtown Morinville had many people shaking their digital fists at “those damned kids” and their idle ways. Although there is no evidence as to the age of the culprits, the finger was immediately wagged at teens. Regardless of the age, an act of vandalism so early in the spring undoubtedly has some residents thinking – what’s the summer going to be like with respect to property crimes? […]