Ask-A-Candidate Online begins today Editorial

By Stephen Dafoe

A personal friend of mine running for mayor in another jurisdiction is fond of looking at his political campaign as being down one vote with a week to go. As such, he works tirelessly to make sure that he gets his message out to the voters.

At we are providing that venue by covering the election, allowing all candidates to post a guest editorial free of charge and by co-sponsoring a PUBLIC All-Candidates Forum.

Over this past weekend a reader suggested it would be a good idea if could have a way to allow anonymous questions from our readers, allowing all candidates to respond with their answers in the comments section.

We think that is a good idea, too, and have created a way to do just that.

Next to the search box in the upper right section of this and all pages you will see a link titled Ask A Candidate. That is where we will archive links to all the questions asked between now and Election Day.

Questions will be posted on like any other article and will appear on the front page, subsequently being archived in our election 2010 section and the aforementioned Ask a Candidate page. invites readers to submit their questions for those running for mayor, council or school trustee.

  • All questions will be posted anonymously.
  • Only candidates will be allowed to respond.

Please submit your candidate questions to

All questions will remain anonymous.

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  1. Please send questions for candidates to That way we can create a separate entry for each question and avoid several questions on one page which could lead to confusion when candidates answer.

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