Guest Editorial: Council candidate Donna Phinney

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– Stephen Dafoe

Guest Editorial by Donna Phinney

Our family moved to Morinville 14 years ago… Being married to a military member I have lived in many communities over the last 33 years… We saw the tremendous potential Morinville had to offer, small town atmosphere, friendly community spirit and most importantly a safe environment for families, and decided to make Morinville our home.

Since then with the retirement of my husband, coupled with being new grandparents, we decided to make Morinville our permanent home.

When I first came to Morinville I worked as an Executive Assistant for City of Edmonton Councillor’s Wendy Kinsella and then Stephen Mandel. This provided me the first look at municipal politics which I thoroughly enjoyed for six years. Since then I have operated and managed Supportive Living Facilities in Edmonton for four years and for the past three I have had the honor of managing Aspen House in Morinville. Aspen House is a Designated Supportive Living Seniors Facility with lots of history and very much part of our community. This provides me the wonderful opportunity to not only live here but also work here in my chosen field. To be able to serve the seniors in this community is extremely important to me, allowing them to stay in their own community providing them an affordable home environment with the best nursing care possible.

Over the past six years I have sat on the Municipal Planning Commission, Subdivision Development and Appeal Board which has given me a first hand understanding of some of the important developmental issues facing our community. I was the Vice Chair of the Sturgeon Foundation which also gives the seniors options to be able to provide some supportive living needs and still remain independent. Something I take great pride in.

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