Sturgeon County roads closed as snow melts

By Staff

Sturgeon County – Melting snow may be a welcome sign for many, but the runoff has caused flooding on a number of county roads. Sturgeon County reported Wednesday afternoon that a number of roads are currently closed due to flooding. County crews are working diligently to clear and reopen the roads as soon as possible. The following roads are closed:

Twp Road 555A from Range Road 225 west to Range Road 230
Range Road 270 from Hwy 633 north to Twp Road 544 and Twp Road 543 west of Hwy 44 to Range Road 270
Hwy 825 from Hwy 37 northeast to Boysdale Road (closed by Alberta Transportation)
Twp Rd 551between Range Road 245 and Range Road 250
Twp Road 552 from Range Road 225 east to Hwy 825
Additionally, the County has a number of water covered roadways. Although the roads have not been closed, motorists are advised to be cautious as the excessive water may have caused erosion. Drivers are urged to reroute if possible. The following is a list of roads that have heavy water cover:

Range Road 261 – South of Hwy 633 and the railway crossing
Twp Road 540 – West of Y-intersection at Range Road 262 & Range Road 540A
Range Road 231- South of Twp Road 560 (Vista Road)
Range Road 233 – Between Twp Road 560 and Twp 554
Range Road 244 -¾ mile north of Twp Road 580
Twp Road 572 – between Range Road 235 (Lily Lake Road) and Range Road 240
Range Road 261 – ½ mile south of Twp Road 544
Twp Road 564-Between Range Rd 241 and Rge Road 240
Range Road 271-Between Hwy 37 and Twp Road 552
Range Road 225-Just north of Twp Road 552

Sturgeon county residents living in areas not listed but who are aware of drainage issues on County roadways are asked to contact Transportation Services at 780-939-8252.

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