Community Cultural Centre opens with heart

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – With the keys to the under budget and ahead of completion date Community Cultural Centre in hand, Morinville’s business community had the opportunity to be the first to be wined, dined and toured through the new facility ahead of its official opening June 11 and 12.

Thursday night’s Business After Hours provided members of the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce an opportunity to view the new facility in exactly the way it is intended to be run, with music, good food and plenty of ambiance. The well-attended event drew close to 200 people, most of whom had previously only seen the facility from the outside. One of the most common comments from those mingling through the facility was the size of the centre and how its exterior made it look smaller than it actually was.

Event raises funds for Slave Lake

But while the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce’s Business After Hours gathering was a success and visitors were impressed with the sheer magnitude of the facility, the evening was somewhat overshadowed by the magnitude of the silent auction held in support of Slave Lake’s business community.

Organized the day after the destructive fires hit Slave Lake, Morinville’s business community donated 66 items to the auction, items that pulled in a total of $4,984 during Thursday night’s auction. An additional $1,700 was given in cash donations to bring the combined total to $6,684.

Chamber of Commerce President Sheldon Fingler said Chamber Manager Jaye Parrent came up with the idea Sunday night while thinking about the tragedy and how she wanted to see something done for the community’s business community.

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  1. We are so pleased with the support from the business leaders in Morinville and hope that we can do more to help.


    Sheldon Fingler
    Chamber President

  2. What a wonderful evening to show off the brand new Community Cultural Center! It is an amazing facility for our town, and I can’t wait to see if filled up with different events.

    I would also like to say a HUGE THANK YOU for the fantastic response from the local business community. Without your support the Business After Hours and Silent Auction would not have been such a success.

    As the Chamber of Commerce it is our job to help promote, grow and advocate for the business community in any way we can. I am so grateful and proud that our business community has really gone above and beyond to provide support for the Slave Lake business community!

    Final total is $6739.00 after receiving some donations this morning!

    Standing ovation to everyone who took part! Thank you!

  3. First of all congratulations to the Town! As a resident I am looking forward to taking a look at the facility when it opens to the public.

    I don’t understand how it can be billed as “..under budget and ahead of completion date..” given the fact that the Town is reporting a 2.1 million dollar deficit in their 2011 Financials for this facility. If I understand the financials correctly this facility is either going to cost Town Residents 2.1 million dollars a year to operate or there are significant expenses for this facility that have been rolled in to the 2011 budget (thus contradicting the “under budget” statement).


    • Estimated cost of the facility was $12 million. It is costing less than that. Thus under the budgeted price of $12 million.

  4. It is really annoying to hear this facility is under budget and ahead of schedule when the Town just admitted last week they don’t have the money or time to put in the noise attenuation methods that were recommended by “their experts” to avoid destroying the quality of life for the adjacent residences.

  5. As a taxpayer of Morinville I have just one question. With all the wining and dining on great food etc, where was my invite. Were only select people wined and dined on my dime? Is this an indication of what is to come? I’m still not getting a warm and fuzzy from this building!

  6. I encourage you to inquire with the town about the line item details on the (2,134.31) deficit on page 15 under “Community Cultural Centre” in their 2011 financials. The information contained within that deficit will help explain why I do not believe it’s correct to claim this facility came in “under budget”

    I also believe anyone with a financial background (especially in the area of Municipal Government) will agree that the way the Town of Morinville is reporting some of their 2011 financial information is “curious” at best.


  7. @ Will.

    This was an event put on by the Morinville & District Chamber of Commerce, hosted by the Town of Morinville. Therefore, only the business members of the Chamber were invited. I am sure that the Town will invite all of its resident to the Cultural Center grand opening.

    • The official public opening is June 11 and 12, although there is a concert there this weekend.

  8. Not knowing the ins and outs of Municipal Finance, I would be interested in finding out what Adam feels is “curious” reporting.

  9. The new building looks amazing! I cant wait to take a peek inside. Does anyone know when their website will be up and running as I am currently looking for a venue for my wedding.

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