An open letter to minister of education from Grade 3 student

To Minister of Education – Please respond

Dear Minister of Education:

I disagree for teachers losing their jobs because then we would have less teachers to get teached by. Also I disagree with bigger class rooms because it would just get too crowded. The children that need special care wont get it because there will be too many kids in the class room.

This is Hayley Madison Deveau writing this disagreement note. Please respond.

Editor’s note: Hayley Deveau is a Grade 3 student at Notre Dame Elementary School in Morinville. Spelling has been corrected; however we have left grammatical style intact to preserve the integrity of this student’s voice to our provincial government.

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  1. I think its great when a kid like Hayley is aware at her age that her opinion counts, that when something doesn’t seem fair, that she has a RIGHT to be heard and she can participate in the democratic process by writing to those who she feels can correct the situation.

    WELL DONE HAYLEY! And I know it’s a little early but Happy Canada Day.

  2. Bravo Hayley!
    What a thoughtful and powerful letter. I hope you get an equally thoughtful response.
    I agree with you completely and I hope that your letter inspires other parents and students to voice their opinions to the government.

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