PMMA linked to sudden death in Morinville area

By Staff

Morinville – The sudden death of an adult male over the past two weeks is prompting Morinville RCMP to remind residents street level drugs can contain more than the user bargained for. Although police are not identifying the name of the deceased of where he resided within the RCMP’s coverage area, they have confirmed his death was linked to Para-Methoxymethamphetamine (PMMA), a stimulant and psychedelic drug.

Staff Sargent Mac Richards said his detachment cannot say the substance was purchased in Morinville, Edmonton or if the PMMA was contained in ecstasy pills as has been the case recently in Calgary. “We’re not sure how it got into his system,” Richards said. “Everybody says ecstasy. I can’t say that because we don’t know. We have an autopsy report saying this [PMMA] is present in sufficient quantities to cause an overdose and to cause death. How it was there – we can’t say.”

While Richards cannot confirm if the Morinville Detachment area death is linked to ecstasy, he is quick to point out people are naïve if they think laced ecstasy pills are only in Calgary. “If they can make it to Calgary, they can make it to Edmonton, Red Deer, wherever,” he said, adding there are risks associated with all street level drugs. “If you are choosing to indulge in street level drugs there are risks associated with it. We want people to be cognizant of this and maybe rethink what they may or may not do.”

The Staff Sergent said people should be aware that PMMA works differently than other methamphetamines in that it takes longer to take effect. “The theory is they are taking multiple pills because they are not getting the effect on the first one, so they take another one,” Richards explained. “Unfortunately, when it sort of kicks in you’re getting the full effects of all the pills at one time.”

Richards advises parents to speak frankly and openly with their children about drugs, presenting the facts. “Just be honest with young people,” he said. “I think gone are the ‘60s Reefer Madness mentality of how we do the presentations. I think you just have to be honest and say these are the risks associated with it, and is it worth that potential?”

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  1. PMMA is para-methoxymethamphetamine. It’s marketed as ecstasy, which is actually MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxy-N-methylamphetamine). PMMA is similar, but more toxic.

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