Resurrection celebration raises money for bees

Vanier students Cody Walsh, Chase Hintz, Diego Oyarzun, Jada Graham and Jade Van-Lersberghe forum up for the processional start of the Resurrection Celebration held Tuesday morning.

By Lucie Roy

Morinville – Students at École Georges P. Vanier school participated in a Resurrection Celebration Tuesday morning, after which figures were released for the school’s Lenten Project.

Vanier teacher Mrs. Blanchette said the school’s three Grade 3 classes raised a total of $643 for this year’s Lenten Project.

They will donate $500 towards the purchase of bees and bee hives through Chalice, a Catholic organization looking alleviate the effects of poverty in the developing world. The students’ goal was to raise enough money for the purchase of three gifts of bees and bee hives, each costing $125. The remaining money will be donated to the Holy Childhood Association, another Catholic charity.

The money was raised by students through a pancake day, candy count and cupcake sale.

Vanier students Jada Graham and Jade Van-Lersberghe were two of 10 students taking part in the processional at the Resurrection Celebration.

Primeau reflects on Easter

Primeau students Keanna McIntyre and Jamie Boechler read some of the messages written by students on paper Easter eggs prior to the start of the Easter celebration Tuesday afternoon. The 16 potted pussy willow branches held a message from each student as to what Easter meant to them. Responses to the question included bird song, chocolate, seeing new things in nature, bunny, grass, flowers, the birth of Jesus, getting together with family friends and having a feast, a fresh start, a new life and new beginnings.

The school’s Easter celebration included an animated video telling the story of Jesus, a music video on the Easter epic and a word from Father Ignacy Warias of St. Jean Baptiste Catholic Church.

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