Around the town [PHOTOS]

Compiled by The Morinville News Staff

Morinville – Here’s some of the activities caught by our roaming cameras as we head into another weekend.

Campaign fuel up
Alberta Senate hopeful Scott Tannas’ driver Dan McCormack fuels up the campaign bus at the Shell station. Thursday morning. Tannas, who was in Morinville for a meeting, is one of 13 names that will be on the Apr. 23 ballot. Alberta is the only province that elects nominees for appointment to the Canadian Senate. Tannas is one of three nominees put forward by the PCs; the other two are Mike Shaikh and Doug Black. The Wildrose have put forth three names: Victor Marciano, Raymond Germain and Rob Gregory. Elizabeth Johannson is on the ballot representing the Evergreen Party of Alberta. Independents candidates include Perry Chahal, Paul Frank, Ian Urquhart, William Exelby, Len Bracko and David Fletcher. Neither the NDP nor Liberals put forth candidates for the Alberta Senate nominee election. – Lucie Roy Photo

DARE graduates celebrate
The DARE Grade 5 graduation was held Thursday afternoon at Ecole Georges P. Vanier School. The winners of the DARE citizenship award were voted by their peers as being the students who best demonstrate the values outlined by the DARE program. Two students were selected from each of the three Grade 5 classes. Christian Coulombe, Kelsi Christoffersen, Brianna Mumford, Haillee Reaume, Robert Crane and Evan Kohot pose with their rewards.

The top winners, one from each of the three Grade 5 classes, were presented with medals and certificates. This year’s DARE graduation winners were Cierra Paul, Jennifer Sinani, and Melody Kaisiwatum. – Lucie Roy Photos

March of the penguin
Skadu, one of the West Edmonton Mall’s African black-footed penguins, paid a visit to Aspen House residents Thursday afternoon. Known as the jackass penguin for its donkey-like bray, Skadu was popular with the seniors, particularly when flapping its beak for some fish. The West Edmonton Mall has 20 African penguins, a species found on the south-western coast of Africa.

Below is a photo gallery of other shots of Aspen’s black and white visitor. Click on a thumbnail to see full-sized image, then use arrow keys or mouse wheel to navigate gallery.

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