Annual Baby Crawl sees some tough competitors

The pressure was on for competitors in this year’s Annual Baby Crawl. – Stephen Dafoe Photos

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – Sunday afternoon’s Annual Trade Show Baby crawl (hosted by The Morinville News ) saw six competitors take to the stage, each eager to take this year’ competition glory. Although all competitors were in top racing form, only the top three took the prize packages home: a $500 registered education savings plan (RESP) from Knowledge First, a gift basket from the Morinville Fire Department and Sobeys, and a gift basket of baby products from Neighbors Vitamin Shop / Morinville Health Foods.

The six crawling speedsters were split into three races of two competitors each. The winner from each of the three heats battled it out in a final race to determine first-, second- and third-place finishers.

Racing styles were varied in Sunday afternoon’s main event, giving Baby Crawl spectators an inside view of just how important technique is in the sport, and just how many months of work go into developing those techniques.

First-place winner Douglas Flynn proved to be a master of the elbow over elbow crawl. Although a slow start in both his qualifying heat and the final race, Flynn’s ability to pull himself steadily along the track without distraction proved the recipe for success.

Second-place finisher Sara Rae Porlier used an enthusiastic bottom scoot technique that was strong out of the gate and proved entirely successful in her qualifying heat. However, a back and forth battle with third-place finisher Paul Krauskopf in the final race cost her and her competitor much needed time. It was time Flynn took full advantage of as was his plan all along.

Paul Krauskopf, grandson of the Morinville councillor of the same name, was a fan favourite to win the final race. His qualifying heat was achieved with a solid traditional crawl that was both steady and focused. Sadly, the final race saw him a little distracted in the closing seconds, shaving just enough time off his performance to give him a respectable third-place finish.

After posing for several media photo opportunities Sunday, all three winners announced they would be ending their racing careers as no competitor is eligible to compete once they are able to walk.


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First Place Winner - $500 RESP from Knowledge First
Second Place Winner - Gift basket from Morinville Fire Department and Sobeys
Third Place Winner - Gift basket of baby products from Neighbors Vitamin Shop / Morinville Health Foods
Ron Cust and Stephen Dafoe demonstrate how the Baby Crawl is done.