He’s Hogg wild about music

By Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – A local singer / songwriter was in the studio last week to begin the long road he will travel towards his next album. Justin Hogg, who has been involved in music for as long as he can remember, began recording his second CD at Smith Music Studios in Morinville Apr. 17.

Hogg said his earliest musical memories are of singing with his father, but he really got involved when his mother bought him a guitar when he was 12. Two years later and the then 14-year-old musician began playing live. “Eventually I started writing my own music and said, ‘Hey, this is kind of cool,’” Hogg said. “I felt I could express myself this way, so I started writing and performing songs.”

Seven years later and Hogg’s main objective in life is to be a professional musician. He’s performed at several venues in and out of town and recently began doing a bit of busking on Whyte Avenue in Edmonton on his days off. But while the street performing has resulted in a positive response from passersby, both in terms of applause and coins in his guitar case, Hogg is looking to take his music as far as he can.

“My ambition is to take my music where people can hear it,” Hogg said, adding he wants to go bigger and bigger with his passion all the time. But he realizes, like many in the music industry, that it is important to have a backup plan as he continues to develop his craft. “I’m never going to stop pursuing my dream.”

The next chapter of Hogg’s dream saw him in the recording studio last week for some sessions with Smith Music Studios. Although the local singer / songwriter recorded a demo album before; this venture to the studio is to create his first full form CD. “It was a good experience to get to feel how the studio is,” Hogg said of his earlier demo recording. “This time we’re going to be recording professionally and I’m very excited to hear the outcome.”

But hearing that CD will not be happen any time soon – Hogg explained the nine- or 10-track CD will take many months of recording time to get the all original tracks laid down just right. He anticipates two months on the first track alone. Hogg said he’s stoked about the first track, All in Good Time, an original song he has been trying out around town of late. Hogg performed an acoustic version of the song at Higher Grounds Apr. 13 and is looking forward to hearing a fuller version. “I’ve got some of the other musical parts written for it – the bass line and stuff like that,” he said. “I can’t wait to hear the end result on that song.”

Hogg is remaining tight lipped about what else may be on the as-yet untitled album, but said the creative process for All in Good Time just kind of happened. “I wrote the guitar [part]. I was really feeling it, grooving it, and then all of a sudden the lyrics just kind of came to me,” he said. “I just really enjoy playing it. I feel the music when I’m playing it.”

The feeling comes from the performer’s deeply-rooted love of music. A solid student in school academically, the 19-year-old performer said music just really connected with him and he with it.

“When I play my music I can express myself,” he explained. “I feel it’s where I belong.”

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