Morinville museum mystery mastered

By Morinville News Staff

Morinville – An historical artefact from Morinville and Alberta’s past stopped many visitors to the Morinville and District Chamber of Commerce Trade Show over the Apr. 20 – 22 weekend.

The strange-looking object was on prominent display in the Morinville Historical and Cultural Society booth and people were given the opportunity to try and guess what the object was.

Musée Morinville Museum Curator Donna Garrett said the object was a foot warmer used in carriages, buggies and sleighs in the 1900s. The drawer contained a carbon coal brick, which was burned to give some heat to travellers. The brick, when lit, would burn for six to 10 hours.

Two other items were on display – one for people to guess, and one for people to guess where it was. The first was a glass transformer used on power lines. The second was a replica of the Founders’ Monument, now located in St/ Jean Baptiste Park. The historical monument was once located in the middle of the intersection of 100 Avenue and 100 Street.

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