Letter: Praise for first responders


This accident [HIGHWAY 2 / CARDIFF ROAD JULY 20] breaks my heart.

As one of the first people on the scene that started to administer basic first aid until Morinville Fire responded, I didn’t expect to see the older of the two women in the vehicle to die. Especially since it was her that I was spending my time with in the vehicle. I can only imagine what the passenger is going through, and more so, the small boy that was in the backseat of the vehicle.

I want to personally thank each of the people that stopped to help with the accident, as well as the first RCMP officer that stopped even though he was not from Morinville and was passing through on his way to Edmonton. Also, Morinville Fire arrived quickly and was extremely professional and amazing in the vehicle extraction and first aid to those that required it.

This incident is the very reason that we not only require an overpass, but that we need people to slow down and stop trying to take needless chances. The man that went through the stop sign … is fortunate that he was not hurt at all despite the damage to the van. My deepest and dearest condolences go out to the family of the woman that died in this needless motor vehicle collision.

To those people that use the intersection of Cardiff Rd. and Highway 2, please slow down, come to a complete stop, and be sure you have enough to make it through. At those speeds, an accident has a massive potential to be fatal, and I am tired of seeing people die because people are in a rush.

Rob Ladouceur

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  1. Thank you Rob for helping this woman. I’m sure her family appreciates all that you did for her, and I appreciate what you did for her…Thank-you! I wish there would have been a happier ending to this story, however the effects of the wrong decision made will now impact this poor woman’s family. I beg you all, please slow down when you drive, and if you can’t get a clear view please do not take the chance.

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