Column: From the Desk of Enforcement Services

Sturgeon County is holding a public hearing Jan. 25 to recieve input on its proposed parking bylaw

The time is drawing near to put your recreational vehicles (RVs) to sleep for the winter. October 31 “All Trailers’ Eve” is the night that your RVs must fade into your back yard or to a storage facility.

You can wake them up on Apr. 1 and reintroduce them to your front yards and approved hard surfaces once again.

We will be watching over the fall and winter, and we don’t want you to have to move your RV in the dead of winter, so please be proactive. The fines are $200 for the first offence and $400 for the second offence.

Also remember that all utility trailers, off-road vehicles, watercraft and trailers, motorcycles, or other vehicles/trailers that are similar in nature, can only be parked in your front yard on an approved parking area only. Please refer to the Community Standards Bylaw for definitions and Section 2.1.3 on the Town web site for further information or contact Enforcement Services at 780-939-7831.

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  1. These guys need to get their priorities straight. They’ll enforce this, but they wouldn’t dare tell someone to cut their grass, even if it’s over a foot long and damaging the reputation of the neighbourhood (and town).

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