Column: Joe Morinville

Joe thinks that E. Coli is important to watch for but there are 10 other items more likely to kill you!

Besides what better way for the cattle industry to get mucked up again. How about all the crap on vegetables we bring in from other countries instead of buying home grown produce.

1 Crossing Main Street in Morinville you are more likely to die than from tainted meat. Where is the photo radar guy that Councillor Krauskopf was promised on the risky roads?

2 The bathroom is dangerous. Over 9,000 people have fatalities reported as a result of bathroom related accidents each year.

3 Texting while driving will raise your chances of an early grave long before you will puke your guts out from a bad burger done dirt cheap

4 Drinking 16 ounce sodas and super sizing your meals continues to contribute to obesity and yet the press is not trying to convince the government to recall junk food. Just as with obesity you and I will pay for all the food recalled and the impact that will be felt by the farmers will be paid for by you and I.

5 I care for those who have taken sick, but I have had those symptoms before. Self-inflicted though it was, the Captain did not recall his spiced rum.

6 So my point is alcohol, tobacco and other products produce many more related deaths and injuries but we do not recall those items, so why do we pick on the cows? Because they are dumb or is it because nobody cares anymore about them.

7 The weather causes more fatalities than we realize every day in the world.

8 Driving Fords….. Oh, never mind.

9 A woman giving you directions about where to go is certainly more hazardous than eating steak tartar

10 Running for the leader of the Liberal party is only dangerous because you can come down with the Mad Liberal Disease like the last three leaders.

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