Editorial: An appreciation to our firefighters

A car crashes into another at the corner of Cardiff Road and Highway 2. Within minutes they are there to get the collision victims out of the wrecked vehicles and en route to hospital. A church burns in the night and they are risen from their beds to battle the blaze through the nigh. Still there in the morning as the embers die and the smoke rolls out, they carry books from the ruined building. They are the men and women of the Morinville Fire Department. They, together with their counterparts in Sturgeon County and Legal, give of their time and their compassion to, as has been said before, rush in as others are rushing out.

This week firefighters will spend time in schools and in the community offering their time during Fire Prevention Week, an annual awareness week that lets them remind us of what we need to do from prevent seeing them in full gear. It is also an opportunity for all of us to thank all of them for their commitment and volunteerism to saving lives and property.

If there are but two words they can take away from this brief editorial, they are



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