Morinville News Makers and Shakers: Morinville Community Library


We conclude this March Break Movers and Shakers feature with three Morinville News Makers and Shakers: The Morinville Community Library, Serge Froment and Lucie Roy.

By Stephen Dafoe

It’s not all about the leather chairs and slick fireplace at the Morinville Community Library, but it’s accoutrements like these that showed nominators this is not the stereotypical library of the past, a building full of dusty and musty hardcovers and dog-eared paperbacks. This is very much the library of today, if not the library of tomorrow.

Since reopening last fall, the Morinville Community Library has pushed the boundaries of what a library can and should be. Nominators commented on a number of innovative elements, including putting a model train in the front window that entertained children, creating a Lego Club for children of all ages, movie afternoons that fill up fast, and even choosing the odd boundary pushing novel for the library’s book club.

A new building, new logo, new programs, and new equipment are only part of the story. The library is being noticed for its partnerships with groups as diverse as the museum and the Morinville Community Gardens. The library’s program room has played host to home school students and Career Employment and Counselling workshops.

Though praised for the innovative programs, innovative technology, and innovative partnerships, most nominators recognized the library’s innovative staff for their efforts. Whether it was spending 20 minutes to teach a patron how to download electronic books or serving as an information bureau to dispense all sorts of local and regional info, people were pleased with the friendly service offered up inside the community library.

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