Letter: Festival Chair grateful for festival response

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Because our committee didn’t have the opportunity to thank everyone who made the weekend possible, let me do it now. Thank you. On behalf of the Morinville Festival Society, I thank all of you. Our sponsors for funding the event, our 100 plus volunteers for making it seem effortless, and the estimated 5,0000 attendees for proving the months of work that goes into our flagship festival is worth every moment or every meeting.

With this year’s festival wrapped up, the committee and I need to extend a huge thank you for the amazing support we received from Town Council and Administration. It was clear that everyone cared about doing what was best for the community and giving festival attendees an experience to remember.

Business sponsorship is essential to make this festival work and sponsorship was through the roof this year as businesses came from all over with their sleeves rolled up, ready to pitch in with cash, workers and by hosting events.

From Friday afternoon’s midway kickoff to Sunday afternoon’s wrestling workshop, you came out in record numbers to remind us all how a community of 8,500 can put on a festival that would be the envy of communities many times our size.

The sun has set on St. Jean Baptiste Festival 2013, and though it will rise again next year to kick off summer, we are already well on our way to putting finishing plans together for our first Fall Harvest Jam, an October festival that will mix the region’s homegrown food and homegrown musical talent with another festival weekend for the entire family.

There are four seasons in the year and your Morinville Festival Society has a festival for each one. Thank you to all of you who continue to make that possible.

Paul Smith
St. Jean Baptiste Festival Chair

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  1. Great work Paul and all the other volunteers that worked so hard to make this weekend a success!

  2. GREAT Weekend, congratulations to Paul and all of his committee and volunteers. We had family here from out of town and we all had a great time. THANK-YOU for all of your hard work,

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