Morinville Mayor Paul Krauskopf has died

Paul Krauskopf

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story was expanded with additional information and quotations on July 1.

By Stephen Dafoe

Paul Krauskopf

Morinville – A community is in mourning after the news Morinville Mayor Paul Krauskopf has died. Krauskopf, 63, was diagnosed with cancer in 2010 and continued to serve the community as councilor and subsequently mayor until his death June 30.

Debbie Oyarzun, the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), released the news of the mayor’s passing. “With Paul Krauskopf’s passing, Morinville has not only lost its mayor, but it has lost a dear friend who was tireless advocate for Morinville, ” Oyarzun said. “Council, administration and staff are profoundly shaken by the mayor’s death and are deeply moved that his dedication to the community he called home for 63 years and the obligation he took on as mayor of that community endured until the end. Paul never stopped working for Morinville or its residents.”

Krauskopf was born and raised in Morinville and took great pride in his community. He was an active volunteer with many organizations, clubs and community initiatives, including the Knights of Columbus, St. Jean Baptiste Church Finance Committee and the Roman Catholic Parish Hall Committee. Among his many volunteer contributions, Krauskopf was a volunteer firefighter, serving as Deputy Chief of the Morinville Fire Department until 1982.

In his professional life Mayor Krauskopf was a Program Assistant in Special Education for the Sturgeon School Division, and remained a Board Member of the Alberta Education Attendance Board.

Krauskopf was first elected to Council in 1998 and was appointed mayor in 2012 during his fifth term on Council after then Morinville Mayor Lloyd Bertschi stepped down. As mayor, Krauskopf sat on the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board, Sturgeon Foundation, as well as the Capital Region Board and its Housing Committee.

Deputy Mayor Lisa Holmes said Mayor Krauskopf would be deeply missed on Council. “Paul was an amazing leader as both a councillor and as a mayor,” she said. “He was incredibly well respected in the region by our partners on the Capital Region Board and was a tireless advocate when it came to issue like affordable housing. When he became Mayor, he worked hard to bring Council together and through that we were able to complete many important projects like the Coeur de Morinville ASP and the Functional Plan for Highway 642.”

Although Holmes was appreciative of the mayor’s efforts in his role of Council leader, it was his personal qualities that she will long remember. “He was a kind-hearted and patient man who embodied the belief that service is the most important part of the role of a Public Servant – always making time to speak to anyone who had a question or concern,” she said. “He was always there for myself and the rest of Council, helping to champion our ideas, celebrating our individual successes and mentoring us through the challenges. He will be greatly missed as our leader, our colleague and our friend.”

Councillor Sheldon Fingler, who was born and raised in Morinville, learned the kind of man Krauskopf was long before the two served on Council together. Fingler said although he did not recall the day he first met the late mayor, he did recall many chats when Fingler was a young disc jockey working dances at the Parish Hall and Krauskopf was overseeing the facility. “He would come in and what normally would be someone coming in to make sure the doors were locked, safe and secure, but Paul always stopped and took the time to talk,” Fingler recalled. “It wasn’t about positioning. It wasn’t about being better than somebody. It was about just a genuine care. He was a community guy that cared. He took the time to get to know people. Didn’t matter who you were or what you were doing; he took the time to get to know you.”

Fingler said he has been asked a couple times what he felt Krauskopf’s greatest accomplishments were, and has not been able to put his finger on any one thing. “I couldn’t think of one because Paul wasn’t about taking credit for something,” Fingler said. “That wasn’t his thing. It wasn’t the Paul show. What Paul was was a guy who was part of many good things, and that was his defining character. Paul’s accomplishment was his personality, his attitude, his behaviour, the way he treated his family, the way he treated his friends, the way he worked with people.”

Details on Mayor Paul Krauskopf’s funeral will be made available as soon as we receive word. Council is set to hold a special meeting early this week to appoint a mayor and deputy mayor from within the five remaining members of Council. That appointed mayor will serve until the fall election determines Morinville’s next mayor.

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  1. Literally, an incredible turn of events!

    He will be sorely missed by family, his friends and by his many, many acquaintances.

    His ongoing dedication to this community cannot be overstated…

    Keep a close eye on us from on high amigo – gonna miss you at breakfast.

  2. As resident and employee of the town of Morinville, I can’t express the sadness this news brings.
    Paul was a soft spoken, gentle man with a heart of gold. He will dearly missed.
    Linda & family, we are in your thoughts and prayers.

  3. He was spoken of as a character guy before his passing; he will be spoken of as a character guy after his passing, and in 100 years, he will be remembered as a Councillor/Mayor/citizen that helped shape Morinville into what it is today, and what it will be long into the future.

    My life was bettered by having Paul in it.

    I’ll miss you buddy.

  4. What sad, sad news and what a loss for the Town of Morinville. He was a gentle, but strong man who always had a great vision of where Morinville should be going. His dedication as a volunteer, Councillor and Mayor will always be remembered.
    Our prayers and throughts go out to the family during this sad time.

    Linda Lyons

  5. We loss a great Morinville Family Member. I loss a friend who was gentle and kind. He was and in my heart will always be Mr. Morinville. Paul Rest in Peace, you are now with God. To Paul family all my… sorry I lost it – too many tear are coming down.

  6. Very sad to hear of Paul’s passing . As a pillar in our community , he will be forever missed . Our thoughts & prayers are with his family . Rest in peace our friend .

  7. This is truly a loss for many. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his very supportive and loving family. You are not alone in your grief as countless people mourn with you. I know Paul has a very special place in heaven. It was an honour to have known such a gentle kind hearted spirit as he was. RIP Paul.

  8. Paul,

    You a helped show our town that politicians can and do care about our town. You put us, your citizens, above even yourself because of your heart and compassion. Thank you for all that you taught us and gave us, sir. May you rest in peace with angels high above. God bless you.


  9. Men of character & integrity are examples of strength in a world that so easily demands these attributes to be compromised, Paul Krauskopfh was such a man. To his family we offer our sympathies & prayers. To our town & his huge circle of friends we know the bar he set is high…….let’s keep moving it up & honor a man who gave so selflessly to make Morinville the community it is!

  10. Linda and family.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Paul will be greatly missed by all who knew and loved him.

    Linda and Danny Getzlaf

  11. My condolences to Linda and the rest of Paul’s family. Paul was one of the nicest, community-minded people I have ever met.

    I hope that the Town will find a way to return the love he had for Morinville, commemorate his life and honour his legacy by naming a suitable building, street and park after him. He more than deserves it.

    I also hope that those who follow in Paul’s footsteps work together to build upon his efforts to make Morinville a great place to live.

    Thanks, Paul. You will be missed.

    Brent Henry

  12. A man of honesty and integrity has left us to work with God.

    We have suffered a loss as a community, we have suffered the loss of a leader.

    We have lost a son of Morinville, a gentle, gentle, man who worked tirelessly for all who live in this community.

    I send my thoughts and support to his family, may God hold you in the palms of his hands during your time of loss.
    There is a very big pair of shoes to fill in this town of Morinville, I hope we are all able to continue the vision Paul had for this town and community.
    My sincere thanks to you Paul you will be missed.
    Keith NOrris

  13. Linda & family,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. He certainly will be missed.

    Bill & Elaine Stevenson

  14. A community is in mourning today. However, they are not alone in their mourning-there are those outside Morinvile itself whose lives Paul Krauskopf touched in a positive way. They too share in Morinville’s sadness, and want the people of Morinville, especially the Krauskopf family, to know that their hearts and prayers are with your community.

    Mayor Krauskopf himself may be gone, but his memory and the wonderful legacy he left his town will live forever. As the comments posted here show, he was a man of integrity who lived up to his principles and exemplified what it means to be a statesman.

    As long as we remember these things, a part of him will always be with us and he will never be truly gone.

  15. Linda, Art(Dad), and family,
    There is a vacant spot in our hearts as a result of Paul’s returning “Home”. Know that he no longer suffers but those of us who knew and loved him and are now left behind are the ones who now suffer the loss. We grew up in Morinville too and have known Paul all our lives. He was truly a “kindred spirit”. He was involved in so much good no matter what committee or cause he was part of. Just remember that what is most valuable, is not what we have in our lives; but WHO we have in our lives. Paul was a wonderful WHO! God bless you.

  16. Dear Krauskopf Family, Please accept our heartfelt sympathies for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are with you and your family during this difficult time.

    Des + Linda Scott

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