Column: Joe Morinville


joethumbIf people paid as much attention to the issues and where candidates stood on them as they do to fussing about how many or how big their signs was, maybe we’d get through this election season with a good bunch of councillors to work for us for the next four years. Here’s some other signs things are getting stupid here and elsewhere.

1 Writer Margaret Atwood was in the news last week for wanting to make the lyrics to O Canada more gender neutral. I wonder if this come up because she’s starting to look more and more like Sir John A. MacDonald?

2 I hear they had a good event at the cultural centre on Friday night. Neighbour of mine went to the thing. He said there was a bunch of men and women dressed up in silly outfits, prancing around and slapping at one another. I figured he meant the German dancers, but he was talking about all the candidates that showed up. I hear it’s getting ugly.

3 With the Mornville Food and Jam Festival now done and over with, maybe the Festival Society can rename it Oktoberfest, since that is what everybody was calling it all weekend long. People don’t want to be bothered with long names they can’t remember. St. Jean Baptiste Festival becomes SJB. The Morinville Community Cultural Centre become CCC. After the election Morinville Town Council will become those $#@%. Sometimes shorter names is better names.

4 Most of this issue is about politics again, I imagine. I’ll be glad when the thing is over. I’m not sure I like sharing my part of the paper with candidates yapping about how good they are. As soon as it’s over they’ll put the Spot the Difference feature back on this page. It’s kind of ironic. While you are looking to spot the differences between two pictures, most of us will be spotting the difference between what Council said they’d do and what they’ll actually do.

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