Letter: To The Successful Candidates – Morinville Election 2013

Congratulations once again to “The Magnificent Seven”, winners of a hard-fought election campaign.

You have now entered Stage 3 of your political journey, commonly referred to as “The Honeymoon Period” (Stage 1 being the Campaign and Stage 2 the Election itself). Over time, public government stints seem have evolved to allow successful aspirants approximately 100 days to ‘find their way’. In other words, you are unlikely to receive too much criticism or overwhelming disapproval for most errors or wrong decisions you might make – at least for a little while!

Many readers, probably including “The Magnificent Seven”, will recognize me as being a frequent writer to both the local media and our Town Administration. Most of the time, my missives are criticisms of the various bylaws, policies and procedures, which flourish, in terrible abundance throughout our community. I have also been quite vocal about how my tax dollar is spent. Trust me when I say that this approach is not about to change.

Please mark February 1st, 2014 on your calendars because that is the day, for all except two of you, the Honeymoon ends… when, as far as I am concerned you should all have found your way around your new digs! Oh, by the way, those who will NOT benefit from a period devoid of any heavy-duty criticism are Lisa Holmes and Nicole Boutestein, since they have already had a three-year ‘Honeymoon’ to sort it out.
Remember, you can make as many mistakes as you want – once!

You all campaigned on issues such as “fiscal responsibility”, “open communication”, “role clarity”, and “economic development”. The residents of Morinville expect that past difficulties in these areas will now remain – in the past. You have one hell of a responsibility, but I know you also have the collective ability to resolve the most pressing problems confronting this community.

Now, get out there and – GIT ‘ER DONE!

James O’Brien,

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  1. The success of our community is not JUST the responsibility of these seven bodies , but as a community as a collective to HELP “Get ‘ear done!”

  2. Sounds like Mr O’brian should have run himself , Let’s let these folks try and do there job before you judge them

  3. Is there anything about Morinville or the Town Council and Administration that you like? Perhaps try focussing some energy on complimenting folks on a job well-done or an aspect of the Town that you enjoy once in a while and not just threatening “sturm und drang” after a deadline.

  4. Hey Gordon:

    Thought I’d better get this in before someone else does – I DID run… TWICE! Oh well!

    A lot of folks aren’t too happy with both my “no bullshit” attitude and my apparent over-eagerness to hold Administration’s feet to the fire (especially, but not limited to,) on the squandering of our precious tax dollars, I didn’t present the “warm and fuzzy” that everyone wants.

    Stay tuned for the next REALLY interesting activity – discussion on the 2014 budget. Most of the new Councillors I’ve spoken with are inclined to go for an interim budget, in the hopes of getting up-to-speed on that thorny topic. That MIGHT work, but it only puts off the inevitable for a short time. We’ll see how it plays out.

  5. Just a comment to Gordon – Jim O’Brien did run and was one of the candidates running for Councillor. I’m sure you must have seen his name on the ballot didn’t you?
    Linda Lyons

  6. To Gordon, I think you missed something, or maybe didn’t vote, as James O’Brien did in fact run for office. Hence, he speaks from a position of knowledge.

    To Valerie – Sorry, but I think you are at least partially wrong. It is our job to tell mayor and council what we think, but it is now their job to vote for or against what is put in front of them. Some will vote with their hearts, some with their brains, and others will vote based on what people tell them. But at the end of the day, they are all accountable to the public for how they voted on issues. And we can’t help them with that.

    I think that James’ letter is correct in almost every respect but one: new Councillors will be able to make a lot of mistakes once, but the big one for which there will be no forgiveness is the budget. I hope that we don’t see one until 1 February as an interim budget will give them the time to “learn the ropes.” I’m also fairly certain that many people won’t have a lot of time for errors of negligence or what appears to be a silly decision.

    Having said all that, I’m like James, I want to see them Git’er Done! I’m hopeful and excited to see what the new Council brings to the table. Should be a great Fall.

  7. You hit the nail on the head James! And by the way way Gordon, he did run. And he was the only Candidate that i saw anywhere during the day of voting!!!

  8. For all the words Mr. Obrian has spouted against the Council members, does he ever wonder why he was not elected. At the Chambers Luncheon during his “talk” he stated that he was “only a one term candidate”, now that was a scary thought.
    I agree with Gordon’s comments let them do their job and don’t judge them by your own standards.

  9. Is that your sense of humor coming out Gordon??? Jim did run.
    Did you not follow the election?? Someone liked your comments, so they might not have followed the election either 🙂

  10. Mr. O’Brien did run himself. Also, he’s not passing judgement…yet.

  11. yes I knew he ran and didn’t get in all I was thinking that positive comments are better than negative ones.. yes I vote every year you have to stir the pot once in a while

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