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joethumbLast week my list of five things got cut down short because of all the articles about stuff going on out the highway and what people thought about it. So with my one entry I asked you to send in your complaints to the publisher about how you didn’t want to accept a short Joe Morinville column. He said he gets lots of complaints about my column, but that shortening it caused less complaints than normal. Anyway, here’s what youse said:

1 Paul told him “Your other stories may be important but reading Joe is like reading between the lines of what’s happening in Morinville.”

2 Ron wrote: “Poor Joe need cheese with that whine? Really we need a full list of observations from our community weekly to enlighten those people who have no time for a coffee and a story from the coffee shop. Maybe start by giving out time management tips, so they make time for coffee.”

3 Robert said “Sir, you are in violation of stifling the only voice of reason in Morinville. I refer to Joe’s latest article whereas he mentions rather sadly that you have severely limited his weekly diatribes to a mere trickle. How dare you muzzle the only sane, humorous and a propos man of the earth. We can only smile as we see our old and newly elected town mayor and councillors scrupulously poring over the latest statistics and salivating about the illicit revenue derived from traffic tickets. Joe Morinville is the balance. Joe Morinville is one of us. How dare you cut him short? You should be flogged with a wet noodle. Spaghetti or fettuccine, I have both.”

4 Some anonymous person said: “Joe Morinville had lots of space to write a decent column, but he chose to whine instead. Personally if you cut him all together it wouldn’t bother me, there would be room for real news.”

5 And to that Joe Morinville says: “Pffffffffffftttttt!”

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  1. Well sir…. I greatly appreciate your opinion as well the facts you bring to us. Furthermore what is the new town council doing for us?

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