Local businesses unite to pump up Morinville’s live music scene

Smith Music owner Paul Smith and Rednex owner Don Lien talk to music promoter Art Szabo via Skype about upcoming acts for Rednex weekend entertainment lineup.

by Morinville News Staff

Morinville – Tuesday night music jams and weekend bands are part of a new partnership between Morinville’s Rednex Bar and Grill, Smith Music and The Morinville News. The unlikely combo of partners and promoters are united in the single aim of promoting the existing music scene in Morinville and adding to it with additional live shows.

Rednex will provide the venue, Smith Music the tech support and some of the musicians, and the Morinville News is offering the weekly jam night its new name and sponsorship. The weekly gathering of strums and suds will be called Joe Jam, named after Morinville News’ humorous and controversial columnist Joe Morinville, but intended to represent the average Joe musician or average Joe listener who just wants a great spot to play or be entertained.

“Joe Morinville has always represented and spoken for the average resident, and the Joe Jam does the same thing musically,” said Morinville News owner Stephen Dafoe. “We’ve promoted local and visiting entertainers in our publication since day one and this is really just a continuation of that.

Rednex owner Don Lien said he was grateful for the support on the idea and is looking forward to hosting more live entertainment through the jam and band nights. “It’s going to be more successful with an extra couple hand involved,” he said, adding the Joe Jam will be a good fit with his establishment. “It’s a good social atmosphere where band members can show their talents and get to know the artists.

For Paul Smith the weekly live jam is a new twist on the old idea of a pub where everyone gathers. “It’s a natural extension for people who are musicians,” he said. “It’s the average Joe that can come and play and see music aimed at the 20- to 40-year old.”

Music promoter and Starlight Room booker Art Szabo will work with Lien to bring high calibre weekend entertainment to the bar. Szabo was impressed with last year’s Rocktober festival and the community that supported it and put it on. He sees bringing some of the same great acts he puts on Edmonton stages to Morinville as a reciprocal opportunity for band and audience. “It’s about bringing them together. They both want to meet each other. We just need to bring them together,” he said. “The Edmonton bands would love to reach out and have another community of fans and grow their audience.”

The Joe Jam runs Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. Live entertainment starts Saturday Apr. 12 with Edmonton Music Awards Nominee Stone Iris playing at 10:30 p.m.

For more info visit www.stoneiris.com.

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