MFRC reaching out to families

Community Cultural Centre

by Stephen Dafoe

Morinville – The Edmonton Garrison Military Family Resource Centre is looking to connect with local military families where there live. The organization is hosting a meet and greet night at the Morinville Community Cultural Centre May 1 at 6:30 p.m.

MFRC Communications Coordinator Angela Duckworth is excited about the opportunity to connect local military families and their children. “We’re inviting Morinville residents to come out and find out about the programs and services that we offer to military families [and] learn a little bit more about what we are and what we do,” Duckworth said, noting the MFRC is a not-for-profit organization that offers a variety of services, including deployment support, language services, community development and other resources for families.

One of the key services the MFRC offers is deployment support. Duckworth said though the mission in Afghanistan is over, they still provide the service. “Canadian Forces members are still deployed,” she said. “They’re still doing training. They are still involved a lot in other communities.”
Duckworth said the reason for the Morinville visit is to make sure the community’s families are aware they do not have to live on the base to take advantage of the services and programs offered by the MFRC. “We’d like to exapnd. This is the first time we’ve done this type of outreach program but we’ve been talking about it forever,” Duckworth said. “We’d love to, in the fall, reach out to all the communities that surround the base.”

Though there will be a short presentation on the MFRC, the main purpose is for families to connect with one another over some refreshments. “It’s a chance for families to come together and connect, meet each other,” Duckworth said, adding she estimates there are 400 to 500 military families in Morinville.

For more information on the upcoming MFRC Meet and Greet, visit

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  1. As both a military commander and a civilian who has worked with MFRCs in Canada and abroad, I can certainly attest to the multitude of good things this organization has done and continues to do. And, as the husband of a deployed soldier, I have all too frequently been on the receiving end of the expertise and services MFRCs are capable of delivering!

    While I am confident that all our military families are certainly aware of the existence of the MFRC, I too would strongly encourage attendance at this ‘Meet & Greet’, if for no other reason than the networking opportunity.

    Thanks Stephen, for this article which I hope will be repeated in your print edition closer to the 1st of May!

  2. Thanks, James. This story will be in our print edition this week and we will continue to promote the event through our social media channels leading up to the date.

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