The Week in Photos

Here is some of what our camera lenses caught this week.

A moth rests on a plant at the Morinville Community High School garden. – Lucie Roy Photo

high school
The MCHS garden is in full bloom. – Lucie Roy Photo

Town of Morinville Seasonal Workers Katie Carter and Mallory MacDonald taking care of the planters around town. – Lucie Roy Photo

summer camp
Michelle Rheubottom speaking to the Summer Camp students before giving them a tour of the garden at Champlain Park on Monday afternoon. – Lucie Roy Photo

pat allen ring toss
ben busko
Pat Allen and Ben Busko took their turns at a game of washer toss at Heritage Lodge July 15. Mary Benson, Heritage Lodge’s program coordinator, retrieved the washers and calculated total points per toss. – Lucie Roy photos

Captain Joel Houle of the Morinville Fire Department was called to 101 Avenue and 103 Street Thursday afternoon for a downed powerline. Power was out in most of the community for about an hour while Fortis Alberta restored the line. – Stephen Dafoe photo

Alberta Transportation activated the lights in a flashing configuration. Yellow north and south, red east and west. It is anticipated the lights will be fully activated on their cycles by midweek.

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  1. The orange “moth” pictured here is actually a butterfly known as a European skipper. It might also be a garita skipperling, which looks kinda similar.

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