Little Mermaid shows what can be done in a week

Above: Video highlights of Saturday afternoon’s final showing.

by Morinville News Staff

mermaid5A little red truck arrived in Morinville Monday afternoon filled with actors, costumes and props, items necessary for a major stage production where the community would be the cast. The Missoula Children’s Theatre brought their knowledge and skill to town for the second time in as many years to put on a week of rehearsals and two performances of The Little Mermaid. All they need were 70 young people to help them.

The travelling thespians had no trouble finding the cast and crew among Morinville’s youth. So many auditioned that not everyone got a part. Those who did began learning their parts on audition night, and they continued to hone their lines throughout the week, gathering for a final time Friday night for a full run through of the show.

The cast and crew put on two successful performances of The Little Mermaid, drawing an audience of roughly 400 over the two shows.

Cultural Services Manager Laurie Stalker sees the Missoula opportunity as the type of opportunity that can set students on a future path. “Last year some of the key roles were performed by high school students who have aspirations to go on to post-secondary school education in theatre,” Stalker said prior to the week-long sessions. “This is how kids get the opportunity to find out if this is something they enjoy.”

The Little Mermaid is the second time Missoula has brought their concept to Morinville. Last year the group did the Wizard of Oz with a cast and crew of 60. Saturday’s show is the second time The Little Mermaid has unfolded on the cultural centre stage. Georges H. Primeau performed the play there in the spring of 2012 with a cast of 80.


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