Morinville father gives his son garbage for his birthday


by Stephen Dafoe

A Morinville father went outside the bin to give his son the birthday he asked for. Jason Wood said he and his wife had asked their son Peyton what theme he wanted for his birthday party and were taken back when he said he wanted a garbage truck birthday. But not wanting to disappoint their soon-to-be four-year-old boy, Wood started figuring out how he could get a working garbage truck to show up at Peyton’s Mar. 9 birthday.

“I like to go over and above and not just have a regular birthday,” Wood said, adding his own Dec. 29 birthday meant he never got great birthdays as a child because of the proximity to Christmas. “I’m kind of living my birthdays as a kid through my son.”

A Google search turned up Calahoo Waste Disposal and its owner Lyle Quintal, a man who was touched by Wood’s quest to make his son happy. “He was touched by even the offer to come out here and do this with the kids.”

Quintal dropped his Sunday afternoon plans and brought one of the company’s new trucks. The County businessman spent about an hour showing Peyton and his friends how the truck operates, and even gave them a cab view of how garbage gets from the curb to the truck.

The Sunday visit was not Quintal’s first time showing people his truck. “I’ve got 21 or 22 nieces and nephews and I think 24 great nieces and nephews. I’ve taken lots of my nieces and nephews … over the years for a ride or for the day,” he said. “It’s great to be able to give back to the community.” Quintal not only gave Peyton an up close look at the truck, he brought him a toy version as a birthday gift.

Wood said Peyton’s interest in garbage trucks comes from the mechanical operations — the crushing, the horns, and other motorized operations. “Every week he is out of the front watching the operation of the garbage truck — how it dumps everything. That’s just naturally his passion for trucks and how it works.”

Young Mr. Wood was impressed. “I got to do everything on the garbage truck,” he said after the experience.”


Calahoo Waste Disposal owner Lyle Quintal shows Peyton Wood how his truck works.


Quintal presents Peyton with a smaller version of the same.

The party guests pose for a group photo

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