Local musician finally decides to cut his hair and get a straight job

Above: Mike from Mike’s Barber Shop gets ready to make musician Paul Smith presentable for a job interview.

– Morinville News Staff Photo

by Morinville News Staff

A local musician, businessman, vegan and volunteer has decided at long last that the 1990s came to an end 15 years ago and that it is acceptable to acknowledge the fact.

Paul Smith announced at the Green Bean Friday afternoon that perhaps it was time to cut his hair and get a straight job.

“I am tired of walking around with wet hair at two in the afternoon,” Smith said before flicking his still drying hair and spraying the Green Bean’s lunchtime crowd with streams of water. “Sure it looks awesome and all, but it takes more time to naturally and holistically dry my awesome, awesome hair than it does to record my original 72-minute-long tributes to 1970s prog rock guitar solos. Those are pretty awesome, too.”

Smith said the decision to cut his hair may come as a shock to his fans and students, but that he felt it was necessary in order to pursue his lifelong goal of living life through George Thorogood song lyrics – namely getting a haircut and getting a real job.

The well-known rocker did not disclose just what the real job portion of his goal might look like but said he would be taking the summer to pursue any job offers that might come his way after he dips his toe into the whole looking-for-work thing.

He’s currently in the process of researching how to write a resume, as the only jobs he’s ever applied for required only the ability to play the chords G, D, and C.

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  1. Fun write-up, Stephen! Good for a hearty morning chuckle! HOpefully he won’t go the way of Samson and lose all his tremendous … ahem! … “strength”.

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