Morinville Council briefs

by Tristan Turner

Council unanimously passes Land Use Bylaw

After one response during a public hearing and little debate, Council unanimously adopted land use bylaw 13/2015 to accommodate a new duplex development along 101 Street and 97th Avenue within the bounds of the Coeur de Morinville Area Structure Plan.

The development has 32 per cent lot coverage and will have six planted trees on the property when completed. Town Administration noted the property is using “higher quality materials” on the outside than is typical for most properties, and that it “fits within the character of the neighbourhood” and with the Area Structure Plan.

The previously vacant lot was met only with one message of support for the development after contacting nearby properties for input. After no debate and only one clarifying question, Council unanimously passed the Bylaw that would allow for the two family attached garage unit.

Weed Control Bylaw Dale Metcalfe

Council received a presentation from resident Dale Metcalfe about noxious weeds within the Notre Dame area of town, encouraging Council and Administration to do something to deal with a problem he claims is both “unsightly” and a “health risk” to residents who may have lung disorders, including asthma. The problem area is in recently completed, or pre-development lots within the Notre Dame.

Sharing several photos of the area and quotes from a Canadian Lung Association fundraising letter, Metcalfe hoped to prompt Council to action on controlling the problem earlier in the year (June) before the weeds go to seed. Metcalfe claims the problem has been getting worse in the area, and that action must be taken to quell the invasive weeds in the future.

No action was taken by Council at the meeting regarding the presentation.

Council cancels Sept. 22 meeting for AUMA conference

In a unanimous vote, Council has cancelled the regularly scheduled Sept. 22 Council meeting due to a conflict with the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) conference that begins in Calgary the same day.

Council voted on the issue and made notice to the public in accordance with the guidelines for meeting cancellations outlined in the Municipal Government Act (MGA).

Mayor Holmes mentioned that she may call a special meeting of Council, Sept. 21 if it is deemed necessary with the amount of business items Council has at the time.

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