BAM show cartoonish

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photos and video by Stephen Dafoe

Friday night’s BAM comedy percussion show drew a small audience of about 75 parents and children, but those who attended the event could not have regretted doing so. The 70-minute performance was filled end-to-end with laughter and expert drumming.

BAM spokesperson and group member Jean-Sebastien Dallaire told Morinville News prior to the show that their recent Calgary International Children’s Festival performance confirmed BAM as the Ultimate Family Show. That proved true in Morinville as well.

BAM was created in 1999 and the group have spent 16 years performing their unique mix of comedy and percussion for audiences in 28 countries. After more than a decade and a half, Dallaire said it has not become any easier to describe their unique show.

Friday night’s Morinville stop can only be described as a cartoon come to life. When parents are laughing and children are screaming with laughter, the show certainly hit the intended mark.


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