Column: Joe Morinville

The older I get, the more I realize that my generation just isn’t relevant anymore.

Bad night for a knight
This is kind of old news on account it happened a week ago Sunday, but I think it’s worth telling for those what missed it. Paul McCartney is one of the Beatles, and they was the greatest music group that ever was. After the Grammy Awards in the States, he went to some after party that some Tyga was holding. I had to look him up. He’s a rapper. Anyway, Sir Paul, who the Queen made a knight, was turned away twice by the bouncers because they did not know who Paul McCartney was. So he had to go to a different party. I took a listen to one of Tyga’s songs, and I expect Sir Paul will be remembered long after the likes of Tyga finally pull up their pants.

No work and all pay
Read where a Spanish fella stayed home from work for six years but the company kept paying him. The only reason they learned he wasn’t coming to work is because they were fixing to give him an award for his 20 years of hard work managing the building he was making nearly $50,000 a year to manage. So this guy took in $250,000, and all he got was a $30,000 fine. And you folks probably guessed it. This guy was not working for a big company or a mom and pop corner store. He was working for his municipal government. Ain’t nowhere else that kind of story could happen but government.

Photo with a fish
I don’t understand this obsession with people taking so many photos of themselves I’d guess there ain’t more than a dozen photos of me. There’s my wedding picture, one when I give my daughter away and one when my son got married. There’s one or two from a family reunion and one from my 65th birthday. Other than that there’s one the missus kept what she took of me when I fell asleep with my mouth open. But today, people take pictures of themselves coming and going to work, to the store and BINGO. And now a bunch of idiots killed a poor dolphin because a whole bunch of them paraded it around a beach out of the water taking photos with it. They say dolphins is the smartest mammals. They’re sure smarter than those idiots on the beach.

The pope and the dope
So someone asked the Pope what he thought of Donald Trump wanting to build a wall between the States and Mexico and he said something about someone who would build that kind of wall wasn’t acting like a Christian. Then people what like Trump said who is the pope to question Trump’s faith or anyone? I think if a plumber is qualified to tell you if your toilet is clogged, the pope is qualified to determine if someone is acting like a Christian or not.

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