Wildrose offers up Jobs Action Plan

by Morinville News Staff

The Wildrose Official Opposition released its Jobs Action Plan Tuesday morning at Collins Steel in Edmonton. The party says their plan contains three key principles and a dozen “common sense recommendations” to get Albertans back to work while providing stability for the province’s energy sector.

The plan calls for a one per cent cut to the small business tax. The Wildrose plan suggests reducing WCB premiums by 50 per cent for the first 100 employees in each business and eliminating premiums for new hires until the WCB’s assets are drawn down to 114 per cent of their liabilities. Additionally, the party wants to enhance opportunities for apprentices to work on provincial builds so they can finish their training.

The party also is calling for a 20 per cent cut to red tape by 2019 and the implementation of a one-for-one rule on the introduction of new regulations, and want the NDP to cancel their $3 billion dollar carbon tax until a full economic impact analysis is conducted;

“Albertans are experiencing the worst job loss our province has seen in over three decades, said Wildrose Leader Brian Jean in a release Tuesday. “They want hope and they want leaders that are willing to stand up for them on the national stage. Unlike the NDP, who don’t seem to understand that they are only making a bad situation even worse, Wildrose is determined to once again make Alberta the best place in the world to live, start a business and raise a family.”

The Wildrose announcement comes a day after a new alliance of 15 employer organizations representing a broad cross-section of sectors and industries Premier Rachel Notley. The Mar. 14 letter requested the opportunity to enter into a dialogue with Notley and her cabinet about the current state of the economy, in the hopes of a more collaborative path forward on employment and economic issues.

Below is a summary of the Wildrose’s 12-point Action Plan released Mar. 15:

Restoring the Alberta Advantage

1. Lower the Small Business Tax
2. Reduce Red Tape by 20 per cent
3. Delay Carbon Tax Pending an Economic Analysis

Getting Albertans Back to Work

4. WCB Premium Holiday
5. Invest in Alberta’s Knowledge Infrastructure
6. Maximize use of Existing Knowledge Infrastructure
7. Increase Apprenticeship Usage on Government Projects
8. Maximize use of Existing Federal Programs
9. Empower Local Economic Development Organizations

Providing Stability to the Energy sector

10. Delay Proposed Electricity Grid Changes
11. Short-Term Stimulus for Energy Sector
12. Fight for Pipelines

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    • It would need to be adopted by the government in power for it to take place. As it sits, it’s purely the opposition laying out their ideas of what they believe could work.

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