Column: Joe Morinville

Since the owner of this rag decided to go off to a political convention for a week, he told me I’d better put together some of my great wisdom for the paper. Now that the good weather is here, I ain’t felt much like writing my thoughts down on account of I’m enjoying tinkering with the old car and figuring new ways to keep the cats out of the missus’ garden so I don’t got to listen to her hollering about the neighbourhood cats going poo in the pansies.

Animal Farm

I don’t know who comes up with some of these ideas they got coming and going in this town, but I think they’re trying to make new laws for every fad what comes around.

Take this idea I read about last week where they want to let people keep chickens in their backyards. I know we used to have a pig farm in town, and I’ve seen a chicken at one local business once or twice, but I think if you want to live on a farm, you ought to go live on a farm. If you want your offspring to learn where eggs come from show them a video on the YouTube when you pick up your eggs at Sobeys of No Frills.

Now I’m sure the chicken lovers won’t be too chicken to tell me I’m wrong and give me a million hippy dippy reasons why they ought to be able to keep them. So we’ll have to agree to disagree, but the first one of them birds what I catch in my yard will probably end up being my dog Buffalo Jump’s dinner.

Midway shmidway

So last year the Festival Society decided they weren’t going to have any more fireworks at the St. Jean Baptiste Festival and people didn’t like it too well. This year I read online where you are going to have to pay to get in and there ain’t going to be no midway for the kids either. I’m sure people will grumble about that, too.

I say Midway shmidway to those people. When there is a midway here people grumble about the lines or the prices or the carnies looked at them funny. And now that there won’t be one, they’ll grumble about that, too.

Frontier Daze ws something we all enjoyed here growing up or when our kids was growing up, and it was put on by volunteers who worked hard to provide some fun for people what lived here. The same is true for these ladies that’s trying different stuff for the St. Jean Baptiste Festival. Sometimes that means no fireworks to save some bucks fo other stuff. And sometimes that means no midway so they can give kids something different. And sometimes that means we have to pay to get in so they can raise some money to pay for the stuff people want.

I’ll be coming out to the festival like I always do, and I’ll be looking forward to having my free pancakes and sausages, mini doughnuts, and seeing what wheeling and dealing is going on at the Shown ‘n’ Shine. I suggest we all come out and find something we like at the festival and thank the people what’s giving up their weekend to put it on.

Online bullying

Got passed a message to write something about all the bullies and mob mentality what goes on on the different Facebook pages in town.

I guess one person says something and 12 other grown ups jump on to swear at and tear people apart for their opinion.
I don’t know what to say about that other than I got off the Facebook a while back because it was mostly stupid stuff and arguments about stupider stuff.

No one is twisting anyone’s arm to join these pages or groups, but I think you’ll find if you spend more time offline talking to folks in the coffee shops or clubs or groups, you probably will worry less about what folks is saying online.