Division 3 Councillor Bokenfohr appointed to FCM

by Morinville News Staff

Sturgeon County Division 3 Councillor Wayne Bokenfohr will be adding to his duties and representing the County federally after being appointed to six Federation of Canadian Municipalities committees.

Bokenfohr told Morinville News he recently received news he is on FCM’s Committee of the Whole; Prairies and Territories Regional Caucus; Standing Committee on Community Safety and Crime Prevention; Standing Committee on Municipal Infrastructure and Transportation Policy, Northern and Remote Forum; and Rural Forum.

Wayne_Bokenfohr2Though the half-dozen committees and forums will add to his responsibilities, Bokenfohr says it won’t be a problem.

“Time won’t be an issue for most of the FCM meetings as they’re quarterly,” he said, noting he will miss some Council budget information meetings in November. “Until I attend the first meeting, I can’t comment on the total amount of time required, but I’m prepared to take it on.”

Bokenfohr said his experience with land development, environmental reclamation, and green energy gives me the opportunity to share from the Developers perspective – construction/finance/logistics when dealing with municipal infrastructure,” he said.

The County councillor said with the single largest construction project in Canada being built in the Sturgeon County / St.Albert / Morinville region; he believes having FCM representatives on board as a good thing.

“With both Tim Osbourne ( St.Albert), Lisa Holmes thru AUMA (Morinville) and myself on boards and committees, [I think it] will strengthen our regional relationships locally, Provincially and Federally,” he said. “Together we can bring a united voice to represent our area needs.”

Bokenfohr will attend a New Board Member Orientation Session Wednesday, Sept. 14. Other meetings will take place in late November in Ottawa and mid-march 2017 in Whistler BC.