Government says carbon levy rebates benefit millions of Albertans

Above: Minister Hoffman sits with an Edmonton family to talk about the carbon levy rebate

by Morinville News staff

The NDP government says Alberta families began receiving rebates Thursday, helping them adjust to the new carbon levy and reduce their carbon footprint.

The government says 60 per cent of households are expected to receive a full rebate to help offset the costs of the carbon levy in 2017. The rebate is set at $200 for a single adult earning up to $47,500 per year. Couples earning up to $95,000 per year will receive $300, and qualifying parents will receive up to an additional $30 per child (to a maximum of four). The government says rebates will increase in 2018, along with the carbon levy, to $300 for singles, $450 for couples, and $45 per child.

Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman met Thursday with an Edmonton family that received a rebate under the program.

“The carbon price is a made-in-Alberta solution that protects pocketbooks with rebates for 66 per cent of Albertans to help our most vulnerable and ensures that we get pipelines built,” Deputy Premier Sarah Hoffman said in a release Thursday morning. “We are committed to providing Albertans with the support they need to use energy more efficiently and save money.”

The government says the rebate program helps lower- and middle-income families adjust to the additional costs of carbon. Families will also be able to take advantage of energy-efficiency programs that will start as early as spring 2017.

The carbon levy rebate is expected to recycle $95 million back to Alberta households in 2016-17 and $435 million in 2017-18.

The province says Albertans do not have to apply to receive the rebate, but they must have filed their 2015 and subsequent income tax returns to be eligible.

On Wednesday, Opposition Leader Brian Jean was critical of the carbon levy in that the .045 per litre is taxed at another 5 per cent for GST, something the Wildrose says sends tens of millions to Ottawa with no added benefit to Albertans.

Questions about the rebate may be directed to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), as CRA is administering the program on the province’s behalf: 1-800-959-2809.

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  1. Come on Folks!!! Think??? You will be able to take the rebate and use the money to buy a bridge or at best put a down payment on one…. We have NOT begun to see the damage this is going to do to the people and businesses of Alberta!!!! Me I’m SO!!!! NDPeed Off TIME TO CALL AN ELECTION…

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