Friends & Neighbours say goodbye

by Lucie Roy

After more than 38 years in the family the Friends & Neighbours Family Restaurant, also known as Mona’s closed its doors on Wednesday afternoon.

Current owner Cindy Moncrieff said her mother; Mona St. Martin opened Friends & Neighbours Family Restaurant in 1979. It used to be called Jennifer’s.

“Friends & Neighbours Family Restaurant was exactly that, a family owned and run restaurant for your friends, family, and neighbours, specializing in quality home cooking, great menu selection, and good friendly service,” Moncrieff said, adding her mother, worked hard and always loved working with the staff and for the customers. She made many friends over the years.

Moncrieff said she started working in the restaurant in 1997 and her mother began to show her the ropes so she could buy the restaurant when she was ready to retire.

Unfortunately, her mother passed away in August 2000, and in October of that year, Cindy purchased the restaurant.

She has run the business for more than sixteen years and said she had enjoyed all the new customers she has; She is ready to start a new chapter in her life.

The last week has been very emotional for her and the staff, and along with the excellent staff, she is very thankful to all of the loyal customers for their business over the years.

The restaurant has been purchased by an unknown buyer at this time.

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    • You mean hot hamburger Tuesday nights. Aww, man. That place will be missed for sure. We used to go there all the time when we lived in Morinville. ?

  1. Hope you all the best in your next adventures.
    Enjoyed every meal I ever had there.

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