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Government seeking input on Bill 203, Alberta Standard Time Act

by Morinville News Staff

If passed, Bill 203 would repeal the Daylight Saving Time Act and require Alberta Standard Time would be in place year round. In short, Alberta would remain on Mountain Daylight Time throughout the year.

The Standing Committee on Alberta’s Economic Future is seeking public input for its review of Bill 203: Alberta Standard Time Act.

“The result of this review could have an impact on the entire province of Alberta,” said Graham Sucha, Committee Chair and MLA for Calgary-Shaw. “It is important for this committee to hear from as many people as possible about Bill 203.”

Submissions and identities of authors may be made public. Those interested in expressing an opinion can do so at:

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If passed, the Act would come into force on November 2, 2018.

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  1. LEAVE THE DAYLIGHT SAVINGS AS IT NOW STANDS.. If the NDPeeD OFF have nothing better to do than think of DUMB things like this then they are outdated..And I’m all for getting rid of them… it’s time for an election….

  2. I am totalling for the removal of daylight savings time. Never wanted it in the first place. The sooner the better.

  3. Doesn’t the NDP have anything better and more important to do than changing daylight saving time? Can’t you think or do something for improving the economy of this province, instead of shutting down coal mines and causing more unemployed people also. Look what happened to Premier Redford who reduced the alcohol drinking rate right after she became premier, making herself look proud, and look what happened to her and even look where she is now, and the same might happen to NDP pretty soon if they cannot start thinking straighter and deal with more important issues in this province.

  4. Alberta Standard time is still daylight saving time. Why can’t we go back to Mountain Standard Time. With this bill, we are still messing with our time and if you want to eliminate Daylight Saving Time, then go back to Mountain Standard Time.

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