County provides full day of farms and food

Above: Maelle D.has her face painted at the Sturgeon County Culinary Cookout

photos by Lucie Roy

The Sturgeon County Agricultural Service Board Tour and Sturgeon County Culinary Cookout was held Aug. 11.

The tour included the Bon Accord Cereal Agronomic Site, The Kyle’s Bison Farm, McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers and the Smokin’ Elk Ranch.

The tour was followed by the 2nd Annual Culinary Cookout with 10 vendors, a Kids Zone, Morinville Farmer’s Market, ATCO Blue Flame Kitchen Tour Bus, Chef Phil Hughes hosting the Kids Cooking Workshop.

Musicians Justin Hogg and Ain’t No Rodeo performed on the ATCO Stage.

Quinn H, Everly P. Everleigh B. and Kael H.

Ain’t No Rodeo on the ATCO Stage

Justin Hogg

Sheri Strydhorst speaking at the Bon Accord Cereal Agronomic Research Site.

Linda Kilian standing before a pile of McEwen’s Fuels & Fertilizers.

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