Community Champions: 40-inches of hair to help a good cause

Above: Left to right is Grace Young, Jessica Boland, Chelsey Young and Emma Young. – Submitted Photos

by Stephen Dafoe

A Sturgeon County woman, her two daughters and a family friend cut off their long locks over the weekend to help a good cause.

Chelsey Young, her daughters Grace and Emma, and Jessica Boland went to Beaners in St. Albert to have their hair cut to donate to 360 Hair, a British Columbia organization that provides free wigs for cancer patients aged 19 and under.

“We all had long hair and after hearing the Hair Massacure this year would be cancelled, we thought why get a four-inch trim when we could cut 8-12 inches and help make a difference in someone’s cancer journey,” Chelsey Young said. “We are happy to hear that the Hair Massacure will still be going on this year.”

Young said, she, Grace, Emma and Jessica already like the shorter hair.

“My kids love their short hair and I love not fighting to brush it all every morning,” she said. “They feel great knowing their hair will help someone feel happier and stronger. It was a perfect opportunity to teach my kids about people struggling with illness and self-esteem.

“We have and had a great deal of family and friends fighting cancer battles, and it’s an important cause to always be supporting and bringing attention to.”

This year’s Hair Massacure, which was saved when new parties were found, will take place in Edmonton March 23.

For more information on 360 Hair’s donation program, visit

for more info on this year’s Hair Massacure, visit

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