Library celebrating connection between books and movies

by Stephen Dafoe

A Wrinkle in Time hits theatres this March. The 1962 young adult novel by Madeleine L’Engle is considered a classic, one that will be brought to life on the screen for those who have and have not read the book.

The Morinville Community Library is looking to celebrate the connection between books and movies with their Book-to-Movie Program.

Program Coordinator Stacey Buga said the library’s wanted to broaden the appeal of their existing book clubs to a wider audience.

“We’ve got some really cool movies coming out this year that are based on books,” Buga said. “The first one is a Wrinkle in Time. I’m excited because this is a family book.”

The library is encouraging families to come into the library to get the novel, graphic novel or audio book prior to the movie’s release date Mar. 6. People can then purchase tickets to the Lansdown Theatre in St. Albert to watch the movie as a group Mar. 16. The group will then get together Mar. 24 to talk about the book and the movie.

“We have ordered corporate sales tickets. They’re a little bit discounted so we can offer them to Morinville residents,” Buga said, noting the library will make a couple of dollars off each ticket that will get back into Library programming.

Future potential Book-to-Movie programs may include Ready Player One and Indian Horse.

Buga said she’s pleased to see more books used as source material for films.

“Right now we are seeing a lot of repetition, a lot of sequels,” she said. There’s not a lot of original stuff, and maybe that’s why we’re seeing books being made into movies – because we’re looking for something a little more in-depth.”

Buga said about 10 people have signed up with the club. Based on the number of copies of A Wrinkle in Time on loan, she is expecting good attendance at the film and follow up talk.

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