Town celebrates Women with 2nd Annual Conference

The 2nd Annual Women’s Conference was held Thursday night at the MCCC in Morinville.
Speakers included Councillors Nicole Boutestein, Sarah Hall, and Rebecca Balanko.

In her presentation Boutestein said, ‘I am so proud to say that as far back as we can tell October 2017 we made history Sarah Hall, Rebecca Balanko and myself were all elected to represent Morinville and for the first time in history three women are on Council in the same term – wow what an achievement.”

Guest speaker Sandra Brenneis presented stories on inspiration, how we choose our thoughts, new beginnings and motivation and created a song for the evening titled, “Your Story,” which she sang as her son Travis provided accompaniment on guitar.

The two workshops included a dragonfly craft with Rhonda Tomashewsky and an exercise on goals and Yeah buts with Lissa Daub of Makobe River Coaching.

The theme for the FCSS International Women’s Day event was New Beginnings with dragonfly decor.

Melonie Dziwenka, coordinator for the Morinville Family and Community Support Services said, “A year ago I had a vision of creating an evening where women could come together and celebrate the sisterhood. Many of you joined us last year and joined us in the journey as this year we step into New Beginnings. When you spot a dragonfly you are witnessing a beautiful being who is a master of change, adaptability and metamorphosis. She represents spiritual growth through change and transformation.Those who identify with the dragonfly often possess many unique abilities and are often the big bringers of change in their immediate worlds and beyond.”

Taking the lead in the conference this year was Christine Kowalyshyn. In her presentation, she said, “As Melonie mentioned our theme this year is dragonflies. They represent new beginnings and change.This past year I have tried to follow one of my favourite sayings ” Do something every day that scares you.” Without taking that step out into the unknown, nothing will change. Your dreams won’t flourish if you don’t take that leap of faith no matter how big or small the step.Every day is a chance to get closer to that goal.dream, passion of the heart.”

The sold-out event included entertainment, Trade Show with local vendors, workshops, dinner and door prizes.

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