Letter: Lack of communication on garbage rules upsets resident

As I drove around my subdivision Tuesday night, post garbage/recycle pickup, I was struck by how many bins hadn’t been picked up.

Instead, they were marked with stickers – pink for recycle & blue for garbage – as they were not in compliance with pick-up regulation.

My issue is not at all with this strategy, people need to know what can and cannot be recycled, and which waste goes where.

What I do have a problem with, however, is the lack of communication on this matter on behalf of the Town of Morinville.

Tagging bins should not be the only way you communicate a message to residents. If the issue is really that problematic, an educational campaign should be drafted, ads should be placed, flyers delivered to doors.

Since this tag and drop system has been implemented, there have been no notes on the website, none posted to Twitter or Facebook. How on earth can you expect full compliance, when you are not fully communicating your message?

Town of Morinville, take this as a lesson, and start communicating with your residents, about more than just your festivals and parades.

It’s just…garbage.

Shannon Jensen

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  1. I have the same issue. Mine always gets picked up. I’ve never broken down boxes, always used the biggest one to hold the others that are broken down because if I flatten them all the blow all over the place. But this week? Not picked up. Every week for 6 years no problem. Honestly it’s getting so nit picky it’s ridiculous. Two weeks ago my bin was open exactly 2cm. I measured. Like really?

  2. I recently called the town to get a compost bin and was told because I live in a townhouse that I am not eligible because we are coded the same as an apartment building. Which make zero sense as a townhouse and apartment are very different! Id prefer to not throw my yard/kitchen waste in the landfill.

  3. Just curious what everyone pays for garbage/recycling/organic bin on there bill? Mine went up $4 one month and was wondering if I was being charged for 2 bins or 1. I pay $21.05 just curious what others are paying

  4. Honestly for the money we pay in property taxes and town Bills. It shouldn’t matter if your lid is closed, there is no lid, or it’s in bags. Pick up the garbage

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