Editorial: Kids should do something productive? They are.

With summer coming, the local rant and rave pages will be full of rants about youth running around breaking into cars and causing trouble.

Of course, as often as not, general vandalism and taking stuff out of unlocked cars are crimes committed by those who have long since left high school.

And even then it is a small group taking bottles and cans from back decks, wallets from cars, and smashing stuff. Report that stuff to the police.

But for the vast majority of youth in this community, one can say the kids are all right – better than all right, in fact.

Here’s what Morinville News has seen lately.

This past weekend, we’ve seen almost 10 kids from the age of three to 13 raising almost $1200 bucks for two charities. How much did you raise for charity this past week?

This past weekend we’ve seen a group of high school girls giving up their Saturday to play basketball. Not for medals, trophies, or even cool tournament t-shirts. They played purely to improve their skills for future games that really count. How much time did you spend honing your skills this weekend?

This past week, we’ve seen some 55 students receive a standing ovation for six months of work learning the Prodigal Clown play at Morinville Christian School. This week, we’ll see Morinville Public School students do the same on the cultural centre stage with Big Bad, their latest comedy. How many standing ovations did you get this week?

This past week, we’ve seen students all over this community picking up the garbage that we’ve all dropped on the street since fall. Were you out there helping?

Earlier this month we’ve seen MCHS students peddling a bike for 24 straight hours to raise money for a duet bike that will let Aspen House residents be biked around Morinville to enjoy the warm weather. Did you give up 24 hours to bike for people more than four times your age?

Last month we saw two Morinville cheerleaders compete with Team Canada – and win – and we’ve also seen a group of local youth working hard to raise awareness of mental health issues among their peers. When was the last time you represented your community on the provincial or national stage?

Kids should do something productive, and they are.

We should be damned proud as a community for that fact.

Let’s remember that fact and not let a few miscreants represent an entire generation.

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  1. This is a great article yep it only takes one ass and the entire youth group gets thrown under the bus. We have amazing youths in this community that we should be proud of. Don’t pass judgment by the actions of a few it doesn’t represent the mass majority of great kids doing great stuff.

  2. Our local dance studio, Dance Connection, held their year end recital at the MCCC on Saturday and all those young people work very hard all year in pursuit of their art. On a side note, our dancers won many awards this season against other larger dance studios.

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