Town Notice: Odour in Notre Dame area

Morinville, Alta. – Recently we have received a number of inquiries from residents in regards to a “perm- like” odour emanating within the Notre Dame area. We have been in contact with both the Alberta Capital Region Wastewater Commission (ACRWC) and Sturgeon County for potential insight on the cause.

These conversations have culminated in us suspecting two possible reasons residents may be experiencing this odour/smell.

1. It may be ammonia-based fertilizer used by local farmers as they prepare their fields for spring seeding.

2. Due to recent development and earthwork in the Notre Dame area, the odour may be due to some disruption of deeper organic material that has therefore released organic gases.
We believe the odour will subside in the near future.

Sturgeon County has not received any complaints on the issue at this time.
Should residents have any questions or concerns, please call: Claude Valcourt, Director of Public Works at 780.939.7861 or email

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  1. This smell isn’t just in Notre Dame. I get in Sunshine, the lakes has it as well. It seems to be the east side of town. I’ve heard of some in South Glen’s as well. Whatever way the wind is blowing.

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