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Morinville releases fire department and bylaw stats for second quarter

by Morinville News Staff

The 2018 Second Quarter report was on the agenda for Tuesday afternoon’s Council meeting. In that agenda are the second quarter statistics for the Morinville Fire Department and Enforcement Services.

As was the case in the first quarter of this year, calls outside of Morinville exceeded calls inside Morinville. In both cases, smoke and gas alarms, as well as investigations outnumbered other calls.

Below are the first and second quarter numbers from the agenda package for inside and outside Morinville calls.

Enforcement Services gave out 183 tickets in the second quarter and half as many warnings in the second quarter, a ratio consistent with the first quarter of this year.


As was the case in the first quarter, traffic violations topped the ticket list. The second quarter saw 101 traffic safety violations, 19 rules of the road tickets, and 53 bylaw tickets.

Below are the Bylaw stats for the first and second quarter.

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