Morinville response to Latter Day Saints Food Drive largest yet

by Morinville News Staff

The Morinville Food Bank will be 5900 pounds fuller with food after members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came through in Morinville and area collecting non-perishable food donations to help restock the local food bank.

This year was the 6th year for the door-to-door food drive.

Before the event, bags and information were delivered to homes on the food collection routes. People on the routes were able to donate Saturday by leaving their donations on their doorstep by 10 a.m.

Donations have gone up steadily over the past six years. In 2012, 1680 pounds were collected. That amount increased to 2050 pounds in 2013, 2580 pounds in 2014, and 2840 pounds in 2015. Since 2016, amounts have been north of 3000 pounds with 3300 in 2016, 3945 pounds last year, and this year’s record-breaking 5900 pounds.

I couldn’t be more proud of this town,” wrote participant Shayna Jantzen on a Facebook post. “We surpassed my goal and raised 5900lbs of food. Thank you, everyone.”

The amount not only exceeds the tally from last year’s Latter-day Saints food drive, but it also surpassed the Town of Morinville’s 2017 Fill-A-Bus event as well. The November fill-a-bus gathered 3474 pounds last year. That event will take place once again this fall during the Lite Up The Nite weekend.

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