Column: Joe Morinville

Hard to believe it’s October already and I’m still churning out some wisdom for people to read. Expect that may change when the snow comes to stay and I go somewhere where the weather and the main road into town are better.

More about the road

I read in this publication yesterday that the province’s job on Highway 642 is completed now that the lines are painted.

When I was down to the bank last week it sure looked a mess still. There was enough gravel on the side of the road to help Sturgeon County out on some of their side roads.

I just don’t know what to say about a government that considers what we got to be better than what we had.

At least when it was pavement and potholes, we could swerve and still have a smooth ride. Now it’s like riding in a lumber wagon from Highway 28 to the train tracks.

Sad news

Seen the Town flags at half-staff yesterday and learned our former Mayor Lloyd Bertschi had died.

I didn’t know him personally, but he was around enough when he was in council that it felt like I did. Like many of us here, we didn’t always agree with him or some of the decisions made, but the same could be said of any politician anywhere.

He was on town council for quite a while and then came back and was mayor for a lot longer than that.

A fellow ought to get longer life than 59, especially when he spent more than a third of it serving his community.

Man is gone too soon if you ask me.

NAFTA no more

After a long time, the young Mr. Trudeau finally got the fellow in the White House excited about a new NAFTA – except they ain’t calling it that anymore. Now it is the United States – Mexico – Canada – Agreement. Putting Canada last kind of tells you how important we are to the fellow in the White House.

Anyway, I got to thinking. Now that it’s called USMCA, will they have a special dance?

It’s fun to trade at the U. S. M .C. A.

It’s fun to trade at the U. S. M. C. A.

It’s not the Village People; it’s the Village Idiots.

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